We Let Everyone Capture Reality in 3D


After delighting millions of people with new ways to accurately capture, share and re–experience life in 3D and VR, we are working on an exciting new project.

Our computer vision technology is no longer available for licensing and the Seene iOS and Android apps have been taken offline.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our wonderful Seene users, who proved to the world that anyone can create beautiful 3D content instantly on their smartphone. We are looking forward to what’s coming next!

Seene 3D Technology for Mobile

Seene has developed a portfolio of advanced computer vision technologies designed from the ground up for use on mobile devices in real-time applications.

We enable these devices to locate themselves in space, map visual environments, and recreate in 3D what is seen through the camera, turning a standard smartphone into a 3D scanner without the use of additional hardware or off-device processing.

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Empowering Users to Capture in 3D

Seene’s 3D capture technology has applications in gaming & VR, 3D printing, e-commerce and photography.

We’re letting companies across these sectors empower their customers to add user-generated 3D content to their products, using only their mobile phone.

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Seene is one of the world leaders in computer vision technology.